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Winery Hamm

For Five centuries the wine house and the baroque “Patrizierhaus” have stood and faced the test of time together. These structures are still part of the Hamm Winery today. The Hamm Winery is now operated by the third generation of the Hamm family. From the cross vault cellar up to the "bel étage" – the air is enriched with an elegant wine cultural heritage.
The vineyards are seven hectares with 90% Riesling grape vines and the remaining 10% with Spätburgunder vines

Our Hamm - wines

are uncompromising and a result of stubborn and dedicated work in the vineyard and wine cellar. Karl-Heinz Hamm, owner and winemaker has been making wines for 30 years with the highest sense of commitment and transformation of the area's terroir.
The (Dachsberg ) Badger Hill with its slate minerals in the ground brings especially mineral sounds and flavor into the wine. The(Hasensprung) Bunny Hop brings through its clear, fine crisp type. The loess (clay) ground of the (Jesuitengarten) Jesuit Garden and the Rhine vicinity stamp the wines through its spice and flavour structure.

Karl-Heinz Hamm

especially wants "life" in his wines so he went on going the organic way since 20 years. He wants his Hamm - Wines to have a shining soul.

All Hamm Vineyards

are strictly controlled ecologically and managed:
Regular on sowings of blooming plants relaxes the ground and places important nourishment source for soil and nature. The compliance of this Association and Certification guidelines is subject a strict and continued quality and methods inspection. When the grapes are at their best- only then is the moment, right for the picking, The results are the personally selected healthy grapes up to a nobleness quality standard. We have a reduced harvest through organic harvesting methods .Though pruning methods and careful nourishment for the mature plants all under organic systems yield especially low yields of only 40 to 60 hl/ha. This results in a Healthy High Select Quality instead of Mass Production!
The careful eye of the wine grower and expert hand of the wine producer can create the best possible product that is permitted to wear a Hamm wine bottle label.

The Romantic Rhine river

flows in the east-west direction. Our lovely Rheingau region is where the Rheingau hills of the Taunus Mountain slope dowm towards the southern side to kiss the banks of the Rhiene River.

With the combination of the northern face of the Rheingau Hills as the are sloping southernly and the warm rolling valleys, the sun kisses the plants to produce a wonderful Riesling. Like in past years for example 1999, 1997, 1993, 1990, 1989, 1976- 1979, 1959, 1953, 1945 , etc.

Riesling is the Queen of the vine, because it’s diverse empire and unique character in each of it’s Vintage years. Every step is made with the highest quality it’s a lovely wine that brings taste and loads personality to every glass.

Hamm wine

Dear Guests,

We want to thank you for your inquiry in the Hamm Winery Estates. We offer a wide range of products and services for your wine enjoyment needs. We have special open party events and concerts throughout the season. We offer private parties, special wine tasting, and exclusive tours of our winery.

Warmest regards

Your Hamm family

Karl Heinz Hamm